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A transparent middle man to your money

At EV we are building a Digital bank for the Digital Future. Real time borderless banking, anywhere, for anyone, any time.

Money is essential in every aspect of people’s day-to-day lives. However, people’s relationships with their banks are almost non-existent. You deserve a smarter, more connected bank that keeps simple tasks simple; saving you time and money.

Thanks to a great team and many months of hard work we have begun building your new bank. We are currently in the process of applying to receive our banking license from the Bank of England and should be open for business soon.


We believe in smarter banking

We understand your finances in real time and provide insight assisting you in your day-to-day life.

How much did you spend last week? Can you afford the holiday your saving up for?

Through innovative, predictive & suggestive technology we are a bank that notifies you of your problems before you even know they exist and work with you to solve them.

We seek to actively help you avoid difficulties such as missed payments or overdrafts. We will alert you before you go into the red, providing you choices not charges so you get to keep more of your hard earned money.


Take control of your finances

Set independent savings goals and shape your finances around your life style. Seamlessly transfer money to friends, save together for trips and get instant notifications of deals at your favorite shops, all at the touch of a button.


As a strictly digital bank we dont have any branches. We are with you 24/7 via your mobile. Personal banking at your fingertips, exactly how it should be.


Q. What is Evolution Bank?

We are building Evolution Bank (or EV Bank) which is going to be a branchless bank for people on the move. Branches cost a lot of money, we think we can create a better bank that delivers what you want at a fraction of the cost - and pass the savings on to you.

Q. How are you different?

We are different in every way. 24/7 Customer service - no more waiting on hold for hours. Technology that enhances your life by identifying and proposing solutions to your everyday problems and needs.

Q. What is MoneyPenny?

MoneyPenny is your personal banker bot. She is your private banker at your fingertips all the time. She can solve most problems for you and also hand you off to a human at anytime.

Q. Where are you based?

We are everywhere that your phone is.

Q. When will you be open for Business?

We are currently preparing our submission to the PRA to request a banking license. Once we obtain approval we can launch. Register your interest and we will keep you updated with our progress. ​

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